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Terraphotonics System Corporation is a leading supplier of innovative optical components and subsystem equipments for telecommunications industry.  Terraphotonics products take very important functions in fiber optical communications networks to deliver the large broadband information based on DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology.


Arrayed Waveguide Grating multiplexers and demultiplexers are key components in every DWDM network to filter in and out the multiple wavelengths with high speed signals into a single optical fiber.

Such DWDM networks are not limited to Long-haul network and Metro networks, and its applications are expended to FTTx passive optical networks and Wireless network such as Wireless front-haul.


Terraphotonics products operates passively in order to reduce the customer’s efforts to maintain the operating temperature environment, so that Terraphotonics products can be deployed at the out door remote node with extreme temperature environment.  It is a very big advantage for not only telecommunications equipment manufactures but also the telecommunications operations to save the resources including energy saving.


Terraphotonics understands that the procurement of key components and subsystem equipments is directly linked to customer satisfaction.  With the proven environment reliability of Terraphotonics products, Terraphotonics provides the excellence solutions to the customers with high standard quality and performance.


Terraphotonics provides the customer-friendly comprehensive solutions for various network applications:

             DWMD Long-Haul/Metro Network Equipments

             DWDM Data Center Network Equipments

             DWDM Wireless Front-Haul/Back-Haul Equipments

             DWDM-PON and FTTx Equipment


Terraphotonics focuses on supplying the right solutions of quality DWDM components and subsystem equipments to the telecommunications equipment manufacturers, finally making DWDM system equipments easy to deploy.  This way, Terraphotonics customers will focus on generating more revenues by leveraging your existing resources and investments.