Established in 2012, Terraphotonics Systems Corporation (Terraphotonics in short) was set up to support telecom system companies in seeking one-stop turn-key outsourcing vendor who could efficiently integrate multitude of BOM vendor-based systems that had already been designed, developed, tested and deployed.  Using a highly skilled supply chain management  ins-and outs of know-hows  and practices and supporting tools, Terraphotonics is eyeing on those telecom system companies who ready for the total outsourcing solution provider.

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Passive DWDM Optical Channel MUX/DMX in 1RU Chassis

Terraphotonics provides a comprehensive range of passive DWDM modules designed to meet a wide variety of optical data transport applications. With patent-based ‘athermalization” IP, Terraphotonics offers the industry’s most reliable, high-performance completely passive optical DWDM solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. We specialize in every kind of DWDM Mux and DeMux in optical spectral types (Gaussian, Flattop, and Semi-flattop), bandwidths (200GHz, 100GHz, and 50 GHz), optical bands (C-band, L-band, and C-L dual band), channel types (16-ch, 40-ch, 44-ch, 48-ch, 80-ch, 88-ch, 96-ch, and all-channels), and customization (e.g., monitoring ports, Tap and OSC). Terraphotonics DWDM Optical Channel MUX/DMX modules comes with every connectorization option, ranging from standard LC/UPC connectors for the branching ports and the SC connector for the common port to MU or MTP/MPO connectors to suit customer’s telecom application environment. All modules are designed to fully comply with ITU G.694.1, ITU G.694.2 and ITU G.695 requirements.   

Terraphoptonics’ versatile range of products enables users to increase the data channel capacity of their single fiber with up to 96 DWDM wavelength channels, thereby maximizing their investment in fiber while extending their data network capacity significantly with great easiness in fiber management.

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